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  • Are your competitors more social than you?

    Get social media analytics for you and the competition. Our social media and competitive intelligence will help your social media efforts move the needle and be more effective.


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Social Media Analytics & Competitive Analysis

Learn from your competitors

Pick 3 competitors, and we'll show you what they're up to and how effective they are in social media.

Get ideas for great posts

What ideas can you borrow from your competitors' most engaging posts this week?

Watch your progress

We'll show you how your posts and reach are doing, alongside your competitors' stats. It's up to you if you show your boss ;-)

What Makes AboutUs Different?

  • As a technology-assisted service, you'll be getting more and better work from us because our Competitive Edge report gives us so much information that other agencies don't have, or that takes them hours and hours to compile. (Many agencies spend half the month doing work for you, and the other half cobbling together reports.)
  • You'll be talking with your real, live social media expert on a regular basis.
  • You'll get a wealth of insight from your company's Competitive Edge report. It will show you what you and your competitors posted in the last week, how much engagement you and your competitors got, which posts were most effective, how many fans you and your competitors gained and more.
  • You're going to get real hands-on social media consulting to help you be successful. (Many agencies just hand you X number of tweets and Facebook posts each week and call it good.)
  • All the work we do for you will be done in-house. (Many agencies outsource to other countries.)
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